Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Power Of Your Domain Name

Giving Your Online Business Powerful Domain Presence

What's the one make-it-or-break-it item that your online business needs

to stand out from the crowd and become a huge success?

The right domain name!

The domain name is what people type in when they want to get to your

site the part that comes after the http:// or the www. It's your

virtual real estate address. Having something they can remember without

looking it up each time or keeping it in their bookmarks to be lost

among the others is the best thing you can do to get repeat visitors

and word-of-mouth free traffic.

People say that all the good names are gone, but that's about as far

from the truth as you can get. Here are some simple guidelines that

will make your domain name -- and your business -- popular and

memorable web destinations.

1. Choose a Dot-Com

The number one rule is, go for the dot-com ending, which is typed as

.com. This is the Main St. of the virtual real estate world, and the

one that most people will type in regardless of what your domain

extension actually is. While .net and .org were popular for awhile, and

then .us, .biz and .name took the stage, people always revert back to

.com -- no matter how many fancy country code top level domains are

launched into the mainstream, like .cc, .ws, .to, .cn and others.

2. Choose something memorable

You want your business name to be your domain name too, if possible. So

if your flower shop is called Suzette's Flowers, you want to get, assuming it's available. If not, try adding a

dash, like or a secondary descriptive word like or If you're

creative, you'll definitely be able to come up with something that

works with your business name and is memorable for your customer.

Keep in mind that if you use a dash in your domain name, which some

Search Engine Optimization experts say attracts more free traffic to

your site, you have to say the dashes if you use your domain name in an

audio product or commercial; so it would be "suzettes dash flowers dot


Most people typing in your domain name later will not type the dashes.

3. Get another variation

If you're lucky enough to grab a great domain name without the dashes,

then you might want to get the same name with dashes between the words

as well. You can put both of them up on your server as mirror sites to

get the benefits of SEO as well as the ease of typing without the


You may also want to consider getting the .net or .org or even another

extension to use as a sister site for your main dot com site... perhaps

you put your forum on the .net, or use your .com for your main product

and .net for your business background information site.

Even if you're looking for a domain name that you don't really think

will be available, using your creativity and trying a variety of

combinations should allow you to lock down a memorable domain name that

will attract people to your website.

Recently there has become a global option called ws which simply stands for website.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Success is a Choice

Success is about Choosing What You Want in Life!

You can choose success. Do you believe this? If you do not then you have chosen (yes chosen) a different route and success will not be a prominent feature! Success is about choosing what you want in life and taking the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Success is not stopping until you get there!

Read the last two sentences again. Easy to say but how do you get there? What are the choices made by the successful? What are they doing differently from everyone else?

Choose to remove whatever is holding you back. Has something happened in the past to affect your self esteem? Do you immediately have negative thoughts as soon as money and success come to mind? If you are not choosing success then it is likely that something is blocking your ability to change and follow a new path. To remove the block you must have focus. To have focus you must first have an all consuming dream of where you want to be. Only when you have defined that dream can you start to focus on it. Focus so intently that everything you do is done with your dream in mind. Only then can you move toward that dream.

Choose to live your success. Live your life as if you were successful, as if you had already achieved the goal that you are focusing on. When you are at work, visualize what your workplace will be like when you have reached your goal, and place yourself there. Sit at your desk as if you were running the multimillion dollar business that you are focusing on. When you get into your car, visualize what your dream car will be like and see yourself sitting in it. Visualize yourself driving away from your dream house. When you are in your home - look around it and see your new surroundings. Get inside the feeling - really be there.

The more you do this, the more your subconscious will think that you are successful and move you towards these things. Live your success expecting to realize it. Living it now is a practice run for when it comes to you. After all, you want to be prepared, don't you?

Choose to believe in your success. What your conscious mind believes, your subconscious strives to achieve. Look around at your friends and acquaintances and ask yourself how many of them have unshakable belief in where they are going. Are they successful? Possibly not - they may be in a good job and have a nice life but they do not have the success factor. Perhaps you do know of someone with unshakable belief. They may not be successful now but they will be moving in the right direction. Watch that space....

Belief is the catalyst which takes the dream and turns the focus into a plan to get there. Never underestimate the power of belief.

Choose to be emotional about your success. Belief plus emotion are unstoppable. If you have utter belief then you will develop emotion. If you want something badly enough it is emotive. Maybe it is to get out of debt. If you have suffered the hardships of this situation you will feel everything to do with debt and money is charged with emotion. This is the reason behind so many 'rags to riches' stories. Sometimes only the most devastating of emotional circumstances are the catalyst for change and a move toward success instead of away from it.

You can choose success. Or you can choose to stay safe and do what you do now. Guess what - you will still be doing the same in ten years time. The question is - do you want to?